Relational Therapy

For those interested in expanding their self awareness and aiming for more enduring change, a longer term relationship with the therapist is highly beneficial. An emphasis on what emerges between client and therapist underpins this work, allowing a testing ground for finding new ways of relating to your world. Available for adults.



This is a problem/solution oriented approach. This may involve a focus on how your thought process affect your mood and decisions. Research supports the effectiveness of brief work for some people. Available for adolescents and adults.


Couples and relationship counselling

Some couples find it useful to gain greater awareness of each others needs and responses, and find more constructive ways of communicating. Others seek couples counselling because the relationship is ending and they need new ways of relating together. Available for adult couples. We welcome gender diverse and same sex couples.



Important information

Each session is aproximately one hour long.

We are open regular business hours. We are closed evenings, weekends and public holidays. 

Our fees start at $125 for individual work, and $140 for couples therapy payable on day of treatment.

You may pay by bank transfer or cash at time of your appointment. We do not have eft-pos or credit card facilities. 

We have a 24 hour notice period for cancellation, please advise your therapist by the previous day or Friday for Monday appointments. Payment for the missed session will be required, exception made for illness or family emergency. 

During the Covid-19 pandemic you must not attend if you have symptoms. Please scan the QR code in our waiting room with the Covid tracer app. Should you become ill after your session please get a Covid test immediately and advise your therapist.  


Begin by calling 04 391 0191 or emailing


“No man is an island, entire of itself.” - John Donne

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