2014-09-17_13.51.05.jpgAbout us

At Terrace Counselling and Therapy we believe in the importance of a strong community.  The community that is sustainable and well-supported benefits all of us. This is why we offer a portion of our time to community organistions and individuals at low cost.

We have a strong ethic towards reflective practice, collegial support and ongoing personal development.  All of our practitioners adhere to the code of ethics of The New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists.  As part of this commitment, we undertake our own therapeutic work.  We bring this knowledge of self to our practice and way of working with you. We know for ourselves how hard it can be to reach out the first time, and that finances can be a barrier for some people.  Our practice was founded with a desire to provide access to treatment to more people in our community.


"We believe that health is inevitable in a culture that values compassion, diversity, equity and sustainability" - Mark Fairfield